Our firm has extensive and varied experiences in the negotiation and administration of collective bargaining agreements and labor relations.  In addition to having conducted training for the New Mexico District Attorney’s Association on the Public Employee Bargaining Act, we have served as chief negotiator for management in the negotiation of the collective bargaining agreements between the County of Socorro and Communications Workers of America (CWA), 7911, the County of Sierra and CWA, 7911, the County of Valencia and Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Lodge 14, and the County of Valencia and Association of Federal State County Municipal Employees (AFSCME), Council 18, and have drafted hundreds of economic and non-economic bargaining agreement articles. 

We have additionally prosecuted and defended numerous Prohibited Practices Complaints before the New Mexico Public Employee Labor Relations Board, and were instrumental in the creation and administration of two local labor/management boards, have mediated issues before the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service representative, and have successfully arbitrated Collective Bargaining Agreements to conclusion on behalf of Valencia County. 

As general counsel for the Doña Ana Labor Management Relations Board, we have drafted rulings for the local labor board and otherwise provided advice and guidance on a variety of employment matters.  During the course of the negotiation and administration of the Collective Bargaining Agreements, we perform extensive research regarding New Mexico labor law and National Labor Relations Board cases and remain well-versed with the development and current status of New Mexico Labor Law and with National Labor Relations Board cases and developments. 

Collective Bargaining