Contract Law

Our firm has extensive experience drafting contracts, reviewing contracts, negotiating contracts, advising our Counties with respect to the implications of proposed contracts, and guiding our Counties through contractual disputes and litigation where necessary.  In addition to having worked with our County clients to revise their standard forms of professional services contract, we have prepared, reviewed and revised numerous agreements, Memoranda of Understanding, Mutual Assistance Agreements, and Joint Powers Agreements on behalf of the Counties. 

As a small sample of the many contracts with which we have experience, we have prepared employment contracts, Cooperative Agreements for road projects between the County and the New Mexico Department of Transportation, fleet maintenance agreements, leases, white goods removal contracts, grant agreements, and electronic payment processing transaction agreements. and have reviewed numerous loan/intercept agreements with the New Mexico Finance Authority on behalf of our County clients.  

We have also litigated contractual disputes where a contractor fails to meet their obligations to the County, and where the contractor is otherwise unwilling or unable to come into compliance with their contractual obligations, ranging from litigating construction deficiencies to architectural services contracts.