Criminal Law

We have also utilized our experiences with criminal law to respond to inquiries regarding outlawing certain conduct, and to prepare Ordinances outlawing certain conduct, at the request of the Commission.  For instance, in the past several years, we have prepared Ordinances outlawing  raves, banning the use of fireworks, prohibiting illegal dumping, and addressing residency requirements of sex offenders at the request of the Board of County Commissioners.  Our experience with criminal law has also been valuable in addressing issues raised by the County's Detention Administrators and Wardens. 

Members our firm have been commissioned by the Thirteenth Judicial District Attorney's Office to prosecute criminal cases on behalf of Valencia County, and, over the past twelve years, the members of our firm have prosecuted and defended hundreds of criminal misdemeanors and felonies, including white collar crimes.  We have additionally prosecuted numerous code enforcement cases, and have obtained favorable results.

We have conducted training, and have prepared and disseminated an outline for code enforcement officers detailing how to prosecute a Code Enforcement Case in the Magistrate Court, have advised the Code Enforcement Officers of the evidentiary foundations necessary for admitting photos, the County's ordinance, and other evidence in their cases before the Magistrate Court.  Moreover, have prepared a form witness and exhibit list, a form letter of availability of discovery, and a form notice of compliance with Rule 6-504 for the Code Enforcement Officers to utilize in the prosecution of Code Enforcement cases.