Employment law

Our firm has extensive knowledge of County employment law and administration.  Having prepared and implemented multiple personnel policies, we are intimately familiar with the personnel policies of our County clients.

We participate in Equal Employment Opportunity Commission mediations and formulate responsive packets to EEOC’s requests for information, and represent our County Clients in Unemployment Insurance Appeals, including appeals up to the Department of Labor Board of Review and the Secretary of the Department of Labor.  Among other accomplishments, our firm has obtained the dismissal of dozens of EEOC charges by employees who have claimed discrimination based on race, color, disability, national origin, age, and gender before both the EEOC and the District Court.

We have conducted scores of pre-disciplinary hearings and grievance hearings on behalf of the Counties, and have participated in, and prevailed on, appeals of personnel hearing officer's decisions in the District Court.  We have also worked closely with Office of Special Counsel in regards to potential Hatch Act violations to ensure that our counties federal funding was not jeopardized by employees who sought elected office, and also with the New Mexico County Insurance Authority in matters relating to insurance coverage on employment disputes. 

Where requested, we participate in the interview process for key County personnel, and prepare memoranda relating to personnel matters for our County clients.  We advise County officials on a variety of employment-related issues, ranging from Federal Labor Standards Act overtime laws to individual issues, and conduct and help to organize sexual harassment training, drug-testing training, strip search training, and Americans with Disabilities Act training.