government purchasing

Our firm has substantial experience with County procurement law.   In addition to having responded to a variety of procurement legal inquiries, we have drafted, reviewed, and revised numerous Invitations for Bids and Requests for Proposals, we have prepared protest determinations, and have litigated procurement disputes.  Most importantly, we approach and address procurement inquiries and disputes with an appreciation of the Code's purposes of fostering competition and maximizing the purchasing value of the County taxpayers' money.

Additionally, our firm has experience in procurement litigation.  For instance, we successfully litigated the validity of an award of twenty-four multi-million dollar residential curbside waste collection contract.    Additionally, and through litigation, we have previously mitigated another governmental client's exposure to mobilization costs and expenses and limited the damage to a fraction of the requested lost profits where that client failed to award an invitation to the lowest responsive bidder. 

Our firm had also been engaged by a local public body to guide the body through a Request for Proposal process for a complicated local economic development project, which was of significant importance to the community.  Anticipating a protest, we successfully structured the procurement by carefully preparing the request for proposals, and participating in all aspects of the solicitation, to ensure that the procurement would withstand a protest.  The solicitation and award not only successfully withstood an administrative appeal, but it also withstood a federal district court challenge.